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Product Code: SP/INT/006-A

AndroSpin is a centrifuge machine designed to work at 370C, that is same as the in-vivo temperature, to maintain the natural functionality of sperm.

You can set various programs with required settings of RPM, time duration, acceleration, RCF, temperature in degree celsius, Rotor no. etc.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Speed - 4,000 RPM (With Rotor 4 x 15ml)
  • Maximum RCF - 2,719 X g (With Rotar 4 x 15ml)
  • Maximum Sample Volume - 60 ml
  • Speed Control - Variable Frequency / Voltage drive
  • Type of Motor - Asynchronous Induction Motor (Brushless)
  • Speed Setting - Digital
  • Speed Display - Digital
  • Speed Accuracy - ±100 RPM

Maintenance & Care

  • Clean the rotor head and drum regularly to keep them dry.

  • Always use weight balanced tubes (equal weight) in the opposite tube holder slots for long working life of centrifuge.

  • Preferably the electrical connection should be taken through voltage stabilizer to avoid current fluctuations.

HS & Trade Details

  • Designed By - Sperm Processor Pvt. Ltd.


  • Mfg. By - Sperm Processor Pvt. Ltd.


  • H. S. Code - 901890


  • Country Of Origin - India

Packaging Details