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Computer Assisted Semen Analyser (CASA)

Widest range of Sperm Function Tests

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S perm Processor, an ISO 13485:2003 company, presents Sperm 360o - an end to end solution for andrology labs. We are a renowned brand in the business of Laboratory Andrology involved right from R&D, manufacturing to marketing.

We have widest range of own manufactured products like SFT Kits, instruments, accessories, plasticware & disposables, hands-on-training to complete lab setup solutions. All our product is thoughtfully designed and precisely made to increase performance quotient of your Lab.

After the developing unique product Sperm-Soft - the first CASA with expert mode, now, to cater larger population with Semonology Laboratory services right from the front, we came up with an innovative Sperm360 Labs - one of its kind - dedicated to sperm...

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  • Dedicated Andrology Lab Training Setup
  • One to One Ratio - One Trainee One Setup
  • Complete Paperless Training Program
All Our Products Are...
  • The results of DNA Fragmentation Test Kit are excellent. We can interpret with complete confidence.

    - Dr. Hassan Albar, Saudi Arabia

  • Sperm360 has made SFT very easy and practical. Their own designed instruments brought a systematic approach.

    - Dr. Mane, Kolhapur

  • They have everything to offer, so we never have to worry about sourcing... no hassles, no uncertainty. They call it correct - the 360 degree...

    - Dr. Narendra Malhotra, Agra