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Product Code: SP/INT/004-A

Sperm Warmer is a temperature control system which is ergonomically designed to give ease of work and specimen handling. The system has heater & sensor programmed to attain & maintain 370C. It has very high accuracy with ± 0.20C.

Sperm Warmer has a provision to hold all the plasticware & disposable like Semen Collection Containers, Test Tubes, Vials, Pasture Pipettes etc.


Maintenance & Care

  • Ambient temperature of the working room should not exceed 370C.

  • Preferably, the electrical connection should be taken through voltage stabilizer to avoid current fluctuations.

  • Clean the instruments at regular intervals.

HS & Trade Details

  • Designed By - Sperm Processor Pvt. Ltd.


  • Mfg. By - Sperm Processor Pvt. Ltd.


  • H. S. Code - 901890


  • Country Of Origin - India

Packaging Details