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Product Code: SP/SFT/V-003-A & B
sft kit vitality

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Specially Developed Instruments & Accessories

Assessment of Sperm Vitality

Sperm Vitality is measurable through Sperm Membrane Integrity assessment and is the reflection of proportion of live spermatozoa. Sperm Vitality assessment is based on the ability of the live cell membrane to exclude stain from entering the sperm cell.

The membrane of 'Live' (Viable) spermatozoa acts as barrier to the stain, hence they remain unstained.

Whereas in 'Dead' sperms, the membrane is permeable to the stain, hence, are easily stained.

High percentage of viable sperms with extremely low motility strongly suggests an ultra structural (cytoskeleton) sperm defect.

Note: The Supravital stains are not appropriate for assessing vitality of the cryo preserved spermatozoa because Glycerol interferes with the stain.

Lab Equipments & Accessories

Equipments Accessories
Microscope Hand-gloves
Semen Analysis Chamber (Sperm Meter) Semen Collection Container
Controlled Temperature 370C Dry bath (Sperm Warmer / Water bath) Test-tubes
Centrifuge Machine (Androspin) Glass-slides
Slide-warmer Non-spermicidal Semen Collection Pouch (Sperm Collect)
Staining Tray Microtips
Glass Slide Stand Coverslips
Stop-watch (Andro Watch) Microtubes / Storage Vials
Set of Pipettes Pasture Pipettes
  Filter Papers

Safety & Environmental Precautions

  • Store the kit in appropriate conditions as per the instructions given on the package.
  • Do not use the kits beyond expiry date given on the package.
  • All the reagents are potentially hazardous and it is strictly advised to follow the MSDS instructions.
  • All the patients' samples should be treated as potentially infectious. Laboratory personnel are advised to wear protective gloves, face masks, laboratory coats etc while performing the tests.
  • Dispose off all the waste generated, during and after the tests, in an appropriate manner as per the governing compliance laws of the land.

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