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For the first time ever Get a Complete DNA Fragmentation Solution

Our DNA Fragmentation SFT Kit comes with not just ready to use reagents but also ready to use glass slides and cover slips that are pre-coated with agarose. Also we have developed specially designed instruments to give ease of work, speed and precise results.

Also with our SFT Kit, results can be evaluated by using routein Bright Field Microscope and there is no need of fluroscent microscope.

Specially Developed Instruments & Accessories

Assessment of Sperm DNA

DNA damage in human sperm is not precisely understood.  However, the three main theories proposed are: Defective Sperm Chromatin Packaging (Immature Sperm Chromatin), Apoptosis (Physiological ‘Programmed Cell Death’) and Oxidative Stress.

Oxidative stress may occur due to imbalance in ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) generated and sperm cell’s antioxidants potential to prevent oxidative damage.  The oxidative stress causes may be extrinsic & intrinsic (within sperm). Extrinsic sources include, largely the Leukocyte infiltration, Chemicals & Toxins, Environmental Pollution, Nutritional Deficiency, Advanced Age, Psychological & Physical stress, Smoking, Alcohol, Caffeine, Cancer etc.  The main intrinsic source is superoxide anions produced during oxidative phosphorylation in sperm mitochondria & plasma membrane.  The intrinsic ROS appears to cause more damage to sperm DNA than the extrinsic ROS.  DNA damage may involve single stranded breaks or nicks, double stranded breaks or fragments, deletion / addition / modification of bases.  Thus, inclusion of DNA damage evaluation adds to comprehensive semen quality assessment.

Chromatin Dispersion Test’ for evaluating ‘Sperm DNA Fragmentation’ can reveal critical information on DNA intactness.    

Conducting Sperm Chromatin Dispersion Test

Sperms are spread on the slide in Agarose medium and treated for lysis & denaturation, followed by staining.

If the sperm DNA is intact (Not fragmented), a clear ‘halo’ is formed around the dense central core of DNA loop. If the sperm DNA is fragmented, no halo is formed, even if it is formed, it is very thin and unclear.

In addition; there are cases of ‘Degraded Sperms’; here, the sperms appear as underdeveloped or small, and are characterized by residual nuclear core due to protein depletion. Results of ‘Sperm Chromatin Dispersion’ test is expressed as ‘Sperm DNA Fragmentation (SDF) index’ and is considered as a parameter for sperm quality.

Lab Equipments & Accessories

Equipments Accessories
Microscope Hand-gloves
Semen Analysis Chamber (Sperm Meter) Semen Collection Container
Controlled Temperature 370C Dry bath (Sperm Warmer / Water bath) Test-tubes
Centrifuge Machine (Androspin) Agarose coated glass-slides
Slide-warmer Non-spermicidal Semen Collection Pouch (Sperm Collect)
DNA Warmer Microtips
DNA Slide Immersion Tray Pasture Pipettes
Slide Staining Tray Agarose coated Coverslips
Glass Slide Stand Filter Papers
Stop-watch (Andro Watch)  
Set of Pipettes  
Coupling Jar  

Safety & Environmental Precautions

  • Store the kit in appropriate conditions as per the instructions given on the package.
  • Do not use the kits beyond expiry date given on the package.
  • All the reagents are potentially hazardous and it is strictly advised to follow the MSDS instructions.
  • All the patients' samples should be treated as potentially infectious. Laboratory personnel are advised to wear protective gloves, face masks, laboratory coats etc while performing the tests.
  • Dispose off all the waste generated, during and after the tests, in an appropriate manner as per the governing compliance laws of the land.

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