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Product Code: SP/INT/001-A to D

Sperm Meter proves to be most advantageous as your partner in precise Semen Analysis. Sperm Concentration, Quantitative & Qualitative assessment of sperm motility, in terms of sperm concentration within the same focus of microscope, along with complete evaluation of seminal plasma.

The Need

To know the fertility potential of male, it is must to perform ‘Semen Analysis’. During evaluation of semen following points should be given importance :

  • Abstinence period
  • Method of semen collection
  • Collection Place
  • No dilution of semen
  • Bring all the sperm in single layer
  • Define micrometric area
  • Avoid effect of air current

Sperm Meter achieves this to the perfection.

The Working Principles

  • No Dilution Of Semen

SpermMeter requires no dilution of semen, so only a 'neat semen' is analysed resulting in more accuracy.


  • Dimensional Constancy

Semen may form a smear of varied thickness if not made properly, whereas - Dimensional Constancy is the major requirement for microscopic analysis. SpermMeter is designed to achieve uniform smear of 10 micron thickness. This also avoids overlapping of sperms.

This has following advantages :-

  • Allows free head movements of sperms in all directions.
  • Facilitates the serial microphotography in computational image processing.
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of sperm motility in term of sperm concentration within the same focus of microscope.
  • Permits easy calculations.


  • Defined Micrometric Area

SpermMeter provides faster results as the calculations are easy.

It has a micrometric grid of 100 squares; each of 100 micron. The number of sperms in any 10 squares of the grid, simply implies their concentration in million per ml.

Dimensional Consistency & micrometric area are Accredited by certified authority.


  • Significance of Surface Gaticule

Microscopic examination is based on constant depth of focus. In SpermMeter the surface graticule has been created on inner surface of the cover slip which facilitates the view of sperm and graticule in same focus of microscope without disturbing the dimensional constancy.

Sperm concentration =

No. of Sperm in 10 square x depth x dilution

x 104/ml

area counted



No. of Sperm x 10 x  1   x 104/ml





No. of Sperm x 106/ml


  • Qualitative And Quantitative Assessment of Sperm Motility

The prime factor in semen analysis's is assessment of sperm motility (quantitative and qualitative) with reference to sperm concentration within ht same focus of microscope.

During transition of objective optics to higher magnification it will PERTURB the sample by producing air currents, which will affect the visual field. Hence during assessment of Sperm motility undisturbed visual field is the prime requirement.

Models & Comparision

  • for Upright Microscope

In the Upright Microscope model of Sperm Meter, graticule (micrometric grid) is given on the the cover glass on the lower side of the ring.

Product Code : SP/INT/001-A

  • for Inverted Microscope

In the Inverted Microscope model of Sperm Meter, graticuleis given on the optical window.

Product Code : SP/INT/001-B

  • Without Grid

Specially to be used with Computer Assisted Semen Analyzer (CASA) for Semen analysis. It has no graticules.

Product Code : SP/INT/001-A

About Being Value for Money

It requires no attachments to mount on microscope.

It is reusable and the life of micrometric grid is very long so the cost per use comes out to be very low.

Maintainance and Care

  • After completion of analysis, properly clean the Sperm Meter base & ring with distilled water and let it dry.

  • Keep it in the box whenever not in use.

Packaging Details

  • Sperm Meter unit is provided in wooden box ergonomically support to instrument well packed in Plastic Corrugated box.
  • Dimension of Wooden Box       =     17 cm. (L) x 9 cm. (W) x 4 cm. (H)
  • Dimension of Efluet Box           =     24 cm. (L) x 16.5 cm. (W) x 6 cm. (H)
  • Actual Weight                              =     0.500 kg.
  • Volumetric weight                     =     2.0 kg



Q 1. Why Sperm Meter doesn't suit with 40X microscope?

Ans.: During microscopic examination, handling with 40x objective perturbs semen sample by creating more air currents since distance between object and 40x objective lens is only 0.560 mm (approx).

Hence semen sample needs to be assessed using 10x or 20x objectives only.