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Product Code: SP/SFT/PH-002

Seminal plasma is the combination of body fluids secreted by seminal vesicle (contributing 2/3rd by volume, pH 8.2 – 8.6) and prostate glands (1/3rd by volume, pH 6.8 – 7.2).

Assessment of Semen pH

  • Semen pH more than 8.0 is indicative of acute Prostatitis, Vaculities or Bilateral Epididymitis. Whereas, pH value generally less than 7.2 is indicative of chronic prostatitis.

  • Lower semen volume, with pH value less than 7.2 is often due to deficiency in seminal vesicle fluid.

  • Lower semen volume, with higher pH value above 9.0 is often due to pathology of the prostate gland.

  • Incubation of semen for a longer time results into higher pH (above 8.6) and is caused by breakdown of amines & amides.

  • Initial fraction loss during semen collection may also result into higher pH value above 8.6.

Lab Equipments & Accessories

Equipments Accessories
Controlled Temperature 370C Dry bath (Sperm Warmer / Water bath) Hand-gloves
Stop-watch (Andro Watch) Semen Collection Container
Set of Pipettes Test-tubes
  Non-spermicidal Semen Collection Pouch (Sperm Collect)
  Pasture Pipettes
  Filter Papers

Safety & Environmental Precautions

  • Store the kit in appropriate conditions as per the instructions given on the package.
  • Do not use the kits beyond expiry date given on the package.
  • All the reagents are potentially hazardous and it is strictly advised to follow the MSDS instructions.
  • All the patients' samples should be treated as potentially infectious. Laboratory personnel are advised to wear protective gloves, face masks, laboratory coats etc while performing the tests.
  • Dispose off all the waste generated, during and after the tests, in an appropriate manner as per the governing compliance laws of the land.



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