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Recent advances in the fields of oncology, urology and reproductive biology, are providing men facing possible sterilization with new options regarding their reproductive capabilities. These male patients may want to consider the option of semen storage prior to preceding with any medical procedure that may result in the loss of fertility potential.

Conditions in which Semen Conservation is Done


Prior to Cancer Related Therapies

Advanced Treatment of lymphomas, testicular and other types of cancer have improved the prognosis for cancer patients. However, these therapies (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) frequently render male patients infertile.


Prior To A Vasectomy

Stored semen prior to a vasectomy can preserve fertility potential and prevent the need for reversal surgeries in case of change in circumstances.


For High Risk Occupational Exposures

Men who are exposed to environmental toxins such chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, lead, radiation etc.

  • Professional athletes who risk testicular injury.
  • Men serving in the military etc.


For Oligospermia Patients

If oligospermia (low sperm count) had been diagnosed, pooling previously banked semen specimens for insemination may increase the chance of pregnancy.


Prior To Testicular Or Prostate Surgery

Sterility may occur following testicular surgery and prostatectomy. The option to store semen to prior to surgery may preserve a man's reproductive capability.


Prior To An IVF, ICSI Procedure

By storing semen prior to assisted reproductive procedures, the availability of semen at the critical time of the procedure is ensured.


Absentee Husband

When the husband's schedule does not permit his availability, storing semen allows a wife to continue with a couple's family plans.

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