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Who are Our Donors

Sperm CryoTM semen bank donors are men from a variety of backgrounds who share common excellence.

Some are students, the majority of whom attend top-tier Colleges.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a sperm processor semen bank donor, and live, work, or attend college, we encourage you to apply. It is not easy to be accepted into our program, but well worth the effort!

  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Donate at your Convenience
  • Receive a free genetic screening and consultation
  • Receive free infectious disease and health screenings
  • Get a good amount of Compensation

Donor Selection and Testing

Donor No. Blood Group Height B. S. Skin Colour Eye Colour Hair Colour Vial
103 O Rh +ve 5'.8" M W B B 1
  B. S. (Bone structure) : M - Medium        
  Skin :                            W - Wheatish        
  Eye :                            B - Black        
  Hair :                             B - Black        
  The Donor is Negative for HIV I & II, HBsAg, VDRL.

Donor Compensation

Compensation alone should not be the only reason for becoming a sperm donor, we are aware of the considerable time and expense involved in being a donor. The first reimbursement payments will be received after your new donor number is assigned.

  • - Be your own boss- donate at your convenience up to 3 – 4 times a month.
  • - Receive a free genetic screening and consultation.
  • - Receive free infectious disease and health screenings.
  • - Help people fulfill their dreams of starting a family

Donor Confidentiality and Anonymity

  • Sperm Processor Semen bank is committed to maintaining every donor's right to privacy and will always exercise our most strenuous efforts to assure donor anonymity.

  • We will not release confidential identifying information about you without your written consent. If we have a need to contact you by telephone, letter or e-mail, we take steps to protect your anonymity.

  • After becoming a qualified donor, you will be issued a Donor Number and you will only be identified by this number to anyone outside of the donor department. When you retire from the program, it is important that you do not forget your donor number in case you should have questions or any other reason to contact us in the future.

Our Semen Bank is
ISO 13485:2003 Certified